My scribbles

Thursday, January 31, 2008

i'm destined to work and work and work
without mercy

ALLAh.. ive been waiting for so long
too long that i think i cant move on
i need your warmth your love your mercy to cont living..

o lord, help me
reach me
i'm searching for u
in your endless bounty of love

this life has gone so far
and long
can i last
to live til the end..

my love
u know how i miss you
and how i hate to be occupied in this world
i;m living to serve others
should i be proud of it?

o my lord
im just s human being
with lots of weakness and eagerness
and wish and dreams
to live like others
and to have some time for worship

o lord
my dear ALLAH.. help me not to feel desperate in this life
for this is just a short journey
of life from the eternal life i will abode
but i fear myself
being reluctant and selfish
being in relentles fear
comparing self to others

forgive me my lord..
forgive me for the way i am..
i am just your servant
at the bounty of my lord.. proclaim..

hospital selayang
oncal labour room

Thursday, January 24, 2008

missing something that is soo unreachable.. or perhaps impossible ..
reaching far to the twilight zone ..

with drops of hopes and glittering of dreams..
with heart imploring for forgiveness and lights ...

my just a human being.. spare me ..
my beloved.. i miss you.. i love you....................

my lord, help me and sustain me from hellfire ..

wattaquu fitnatal laa tusiibannal laziina zolamu minkum khosssshah..
wa'lamuuu anna ALLAHa shadeedul iqab.....................

Monday, January 21, 2008

silent sunlight welcome in..
laailaha illa ALLAH..

coz the world is not a box,
theres no lid, no doors no cardboard flaps or locks
we have to tip the lid and let some light in..

hemmm.... hemm...