My scribbles

Thursday, October 25, 2007

post call, oncall.. urgh
time to celebrate raya!
doctors are NOT supposed to celebrate raya.
They just SUPPOSED to work
Unrelentless work
Non stopping

Stop bullying us you patients and people out there !
we are human being too
with feelings and limitations
why do you want to push us to our limits !

but i cdnt help to deliver my sympathy to those moms that are kicking hard to stay alive
or to the tears and hopings frm expecting fathers
that their fetuses ( im saying fetus because those babies are not alive as yet if they are still hanged to their placentas) still not born yet

one premature baby was born
after his mommy had a show and was experiencing hell lots of aches and pains

i'm helping her
but who is helping me

ALLAH knows - as a said-


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

i'm in a new dept.. new faces.. new politics.. and hey new trend of bullying the houseman

dept of obstetrics & gynaecology
the amount of work / shame/ burden/ bulying is as much and as hard as its pronounciation

Wob- stats!- tricks-
guy- no- core- lure- gee

no raya for me this year..sperti dulu.. dan dulu dan dulu..
maybe i was not designed to celebrate raya.
stop bashing ppl .. its what that is fated for you..
and ramadhan./ my dear ramadhan will eventually leaves..
leaving me desperately searching for love.. and sakeenah from its blessful nites...
sleeping lonely in the pool of blood...
and bloody urine and liqour...
with my quran .. reading me instead of me reading it..
as tiredness and sleepiness gigantically impacting my capability to function as proper muslim