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Monday, August 25, 2008

newly weds


i have long forgotten to jot down anything in my dear blog after the wedding.. alhamdulillah, an expression of gratitude to ALLAH who makes things easy and memorable for both of us. It is such a strange feeling to be wed to a person whom i dont even know before.

its a strange encounter with zaujiy after the aqad ceremony. I felt like i want ummi to shield me from zaujiy. You know, the feeling that he is still not halaal. i have quite a battle with my inner self before voluntering my forehead to be kissed by someone i dont even know. It feels odd.

But after the aqad, everything takes it place. zaujiy really patient in everyhting. I think ALLAH has built my other half with zaujiy. alhamdulillah. So that everything comes side by side with zaujiy. His characteristics surprisingly warmly meet mine.

alhamdulillah, ALLAH ease my way of getting transfered to HSNZ. As i really want to be closer to zaaujiy, it is not permissible to be closer more than Kuala terengganu - Paka. i felt a bit dissapointed initially when i was posted to HSNZ and not to Dungun. I want to get to know zaujiy you know after all this while. but dear ALLAH knows better.

hence, i met zaujiy once a week. zaujiy rent a cosy small house for me in town. near a masjid. inside the owner's compound. So that i will not be lonely. So that i will not cry at nights.

One night, i got severe tummy ache. I thought zaujiy will not pay heed at my condition. But zaujiy was so concerned. Zaujiy drove me into the car and went searching for a 24hrs clinic in K tganu. He was so alarmingly concerned. And i felt so fell in love with the attention........

Alhamdulillah for the almighty ALLAH who has met me destined with a man of heed. to swear his oath with dakwah. and to volunter being given option of either " lives a'zeez.. au die shaheed.."

may the blessing of ALLAH be around us always.. and for our breed...