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Thursday, May 15, 2008

oncal nite

currently i'm oncal

talking about oncal, how bad is oncal when you are on-called?

hehe, you dont actually know how it FEELS or how it TASTES until you are being on -called yourself!

but merely this is all for the sake of helping people in need

insyALLAH, there will be rewards in these

like a says

solah fitr is sunat, but helping people in the hospital is fardhu kifayah and mandatory. InsyaALLAH ada pahala atas apa yang telah kita korbankan ..

memang iA, its just that when you are really tired and the phone keep on ringimg ,asking you to clerk patient here and there, branula insertion for every floor, and when patient collapsing needing CPR, intubation , whoah ,then is when you will feel how bad the night is. disturbed sleep. unable to bathe. running around the hospital , carrying heavy stetoscope on your neck till your shoulder ache

till at last , i'll cry without reason!

for goodness sake, pls bewtow me with as-sabru.. pls maintain my strength to be able to provide care. they are in need. unfortunately , patients who are coming are really desperate and sometimes will solely die without you ambubaging their weak respiratory system


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