My scribbles

Thursday, November 29, 2007

malam tadi straight oncal PAC
hantar ramai sungguh manusia nak bersalin tengah malam ke Labour room
dengar cite orang labour room bengang.. diorang panggil ana jonah
gelaran yang biasa utk orang2 yang hyperactive and keja keras menyusahkan orang lain
he he
imagine, malam semalam hantar 2 orang primid siap prem lafgi tu.. mane tak ngamuk si sangeeta and khairiina.. sorry guys , i wa s not sleeping the entire night as well..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


i'm now doing my second posting in O+G .. horrific in the first place.. i experienced what they called bully/ harrassment / exhaustion / in a nutshell ;; its an Ops- STATS!- Tricks and Guy-No- Core- Lure- Gee rotation
as hard and as difficult as its pronunciation

now i'm in the clinic.. gee.. how i love clinics !
after so many hectic times oncal/ works in the labour room, i felt al right..

dr fatiha